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Ghost of Empire

gnostalgia for forgotten curiosities

3/16/07 03:32 pm - Princess Portal

I feel bad that I haven't been updating this journal lately. Miss Charlotte and I are actually sharing a brand new blog here and I haven't been very active in the doll community lately, mainly because I've been focusing on other hobbies like Lolita, and because I feel I'm at a bit of an impasse, because Charlotte has a huge wardrobe of clothes.. and there's not much more she needs. I really want to get an SD, but I have yet to start seriously saving for one or decide which one I want. I really adore Anais.. but maybe it would be strange having two dolls with such similar faces? Part of me wants a BW F-01, and another part of me says get a Tiny. So I don't know, I'll keep thinking about it.

Miss Charlotte misses you all and hopes you'll come to visit at her new home The Princess Portal!

12/27/06 03:08 pm - Merry Christmas

Miss Charlotte wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

11/3/06 11:24 am - Portrait of a Young Girl

Its been a while since I've posted because I have been without a camera, however I have just recieved a new one for my birthday so I thought I would take the opportunity to test it out! The camera I used to use (which belongs to my boyfriend) tended to over-expose everything, wheras this one tends to underexpose. Its a little hard to get used to, but allows me to take more mellow images. For anyone who is interested its a Canon A540. The most annoying thing is it takes AA batteries instead of having a rechargable lithium, so I can't get many photos in before they die.

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8/7/06 04:12 pm - Exquisite Scent

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7/26/06 11:47 am - Dollicieux Birthday Edition

This month's issue of Dollicieux is their anniversary edition, and sadly, the final issue. Miss Charlotte was honoured to be the Doll Spotlight, so please go check it out!


I thought I'd also share the full size images I took for the zine, another nursery rhyme series that required 7 seperate photoshoots! I hope you enjoy ^^

Tuesday's child is...Collapse )

7/9/06 08:28 pm - Cherry Polka

Miss Charlotte has something new to show you! I fell in love with this sweet SisterSister dress on Y!Jp and it was everything I had hoped for, not to mention she looks adorable in it ^_~

Cherry Cherry Polka Dots! (+4)Collapse )

6/26/06 10:22 am - Garage Sale!

I've come to the conclusion that Miss Charlotte has far too many things and I have far too little money, so I'm having a small garage sale.

I'd like to offer these items to people on my friends list first, if they don't sell I'll be putting them up on DoA. All prices are USD, ask me about shipping. I accept non cc Paypal only from international buyers. So please help me clear out Charlotte's closet ^_^

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6/21/06 08:45 am - New Face-up

Miss Charlotte might be getting a new face up by the talented Viya of http://www.innerblue.net !

She does eyebrows like Violet Poem's, and I simply adore them! Her lips and eyelining are quite striking too, I'm very excited about this!

6/13/06 12:37 pm - Good Morning Miss Charlotte

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5/3/06 03:26 pm - Images Imaginings

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